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type selection was approved by caltrans. we have 100% design completed. the constructability and review is currently underway by webcor/obayashi. we awarded the contract to towns and management and plans is have been approved by caltrans. the study report and fact sheets have been prepared and submitted to caltrans and the construction documents preparation continues and we're at about 50% complete. on the downtown rail extension we had a huge milestone in that the metropolitan transportation commission adopted a phase 2 funding strategy. we're now in the pipeline and we continue to work collaboratively with caltrans and high speed rail. they have approved our train platform layout. drawings have been finalized and submitted to the fra on the project. on the archaeology, very successful program. we have cataloged about 20,424 artifacts to-date, we were awarded a or recognized for or archeology achievement at the 2012 california preservation design awards. it's currently at caltrans's headquarters in oakland, california. as you know the big topner 2012 was the find of the colombian m
project specific wins, two to highlight, mtc naming the downtown extension of caltrans, as two regional priorities. 500 million committed to the transit performance initiative. this is super important. something that tilly helped generate advocacy. this will allow investment in the urban corridor to make our existing transit infrastructure their work better, trying to identify bart and muni project that will provide more reliable and faster service. also the recent update funds, san francisco transportation plan. this helped develop the prop k expenditure plan. hitting on the ground. it is being done in parallel with the regional transportation plan; the regional transportation plan is giving us feedback and we are providing feedback to both the current plan in the next one down the pike; we just finished one and are already starting the next one. i can move a bit faster now. you can see in the timeline in many cases the authority was the first on the scene to start a new trend. one of the things we saw back in 2002-03, we needed money for neighborhood transportation plans, particu
headquarters and now is the a the caltrans district 4 headquarters in oakland. and then of course, eventually it will become part of the transit center when that opens. one of our major objectives as always to generate as much positive media coverage as we can. we work very closely with our pr consultants at singer associates in that regard. you see the accomplishments and milestones that generated coverage in 2012. we were able to get good storis in the chronicle, the examiner, the san francisco business times, the l.a.x. times, the sacramento bee, broadcast affiliates for nbc, cbs, ab, fox. and as i mentioned the mammoth tooth in particular did generate a lot of interest not just locally, but we got national coverage in the associated press, the boston globe, huffington press and the new york daily news n.2013 we'll of course be continuing our outreach activities and ongoing media outreach. some of the milestones that are upcoming that we'll have an opportunity to highlight include the construction of the third traffic bridge. the completion of the buttress work will be a significant milest
the complete design and gone through with caltrans engineers, so it's a bus-only ramp on the left side. and at the lower levels, we have the option where we're coming back onto the lower level of the bay bridge to go in two different directions. so that we have a ramp coming up close to just before the esex street ramp going back to oakland. or we're going at-grade back to storage. there is acrossover there with a set of lights below the bay bridge. where traffic coming in the other direction can ramp down and buses can be fed in coming from the west. the bulk of the work on this project is, in fact, elevated ramp. to the far left of here, there is a single-is span over harrison street. there is an embankment reinforced walls and then the main viaduct is a combination of prestress concrete, bridges for several spans and then the highlighted cable bridge, because there is only one opportunity to get a support in between the underground structure for the terminal and howard street. and so this is a special design. the final 100% plans are actually on my desk. i got its a christmas prese
to the base of the eastern tower of the western span of the bay bridge. i talked with a spokesman from caltran and he says the first phase is going to be incredibly labor intensive. we are on the embarcardero as the sun came up and captured the video of the repair barge maneuvering into place. caltran says there are ten workers on the barge but that will change depending on the task of the day. you can see the closeup images of the crews. caltran has to removed damage fender completely which is more involved than after the hit on the judge in november of 2007. that was a massive wreck. but that was easier to fix because the fender was completely ripped off. the fenders are made of steel and 100 percent recycled plastic. this accident happened back january 7 and the oil tanker sideswiped the tower only damaging the fender and not the damage which is what it is designed to do but it is a costly repair. the crews are looking at between $2 million and $3 million. caltran could go after the owner of the tanker to recoup the losses. it will fake a long time: 4 1/2 months is the current estimate and
. the first steps were to remove that damaged part of that fender, all 47 feet of it. caltrans says crews started work on tuesday. we got an up-close look at the sections of debris workers pulled away. now, remember, these repairs came after that oil tanker, the overseas reymar sideswiping the bridge earlier this month. caltrans says will take about a week to get the debris off but the whole process will take four and a half months. >> going to be a very complex process. as you can see, this is a big structure. but we have a good team at work on it, and we know things are going to be going according to schedule. >> reporter: right now the estimated cost to fix the fender is between $2 million to $3 million. but the caltrans spokesman i talked to said it's just an estimate. they will know more details once they get to work on the fender. reporting live from caltrans headquarters, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> amazing the damage a little bump can do. thanks, cate. >> expensive. >>> coming up next, colin kaepernick tells us which one of his infamous tatoos
joins us live from the scene, what is going on now? >> reporter: well caltrans arrived on the scene and they are putting down orange cones in the middle of the freeway. we are in the northbound lanes, three lanes of traffic are closed because of a big-rig accident and we are told in the next 15 minutes they plan on opening one more lane, so 2 lanes, this is just south of the exit and you can see it is causing quite a traffic back up. just to let you know what happened, this all happened at 2:49 just before 3:00 a.m. and in the distance, it was carrying some sort of air freight and the driver claim he apparently drifted off to the shoulder for some unknown reason and cut him off and took out 0 feet of -- 0 feet of guard -- 40 feet of guardrail and for more on this we go to justin bradford, can you tell me what is going on? >> yes, they are putting what is called a hard closure, caltrans is alleviating traffic so motorists will know lanes are closed. we did open the two lanes so we have the fast lane and the lane to the right of it open. so two of the four lanes are opened at this po
and cal-trans have a lot of investigating to do. is a vital link for for hundreds of thousands of people driving in and out of san francisco every day. with kron 4's charles clifford. who has more on what cal-trans found when >> reporter: just minutes after bay bridge tower number 6 was struck, caltrans dispatched a structures maintenance team to look for damage. this is video from sky 7 hd abc7 news of crews inspecting the bridge and the protective fender that surrounds the tower at the waterline. >> the very first thing our inspectors look for when they get out there is to make sure the bridge is safe. the initial investigation should that the fender took the brunt of the allusion and preformed as it was designed. about 30 feet of the fender has been damaged and will need to be replaced. it was damaged in a way that it was supposed to be. there's no structural damage to the bay bridge as a result of this allusion. so there will be no repair work done to the bay bridge itself, other than to fix the fender system. >> reporter: caltrans says they will also be checking the systems designed
-empts >> caltran is working very hard to clear up this back up. it is bigger than usual this morning. it is pushing to 22 minutes now. it is backing up interstate 580 from before the 880 fly over perry ed it is starting to back up into the macarthur mayes by highway 24. state 80 approach is not quarrel, but it is worse than it normally is. it is 18 minutes from the shore freeway. it is 22 minutes coming out of the macarthur mayes. they had an earlier problem that has been cleared. >> it is pretty cold outside and a lot of locations are below freezing. this afternoon you can expected to be sunny. later on tonight will see an increase in cloud cover. the storm that is going to approach will began with the rain started early tomorrow morning perry ed i will have a full detail what you should expect for the rest of the week in my next report. >> the time now is 6:30 a.m.. it we are continuing to follow a developing story for two suspects who shot an undercover oakland pol office ia.m. police officer in the arm on a confrontation. it happened in the 1700 block of seminary avenue or around 6:30 p.m.. we
. laura? >> hi, dan. well, caltrans is pointing today to the fact that this repair began rather quickly just two weeks after that wayward ship hit!mzjg.t delta tower. and why would it cost so much. >> at the time it was considered a blow with no damage to the bay bridge tower but instead of a hit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, caltrans now estimates goitsing to cost millions to fix fenders damaged by the overseas raymar. >> this is called mobilizing the equipment they need. once they do that, first order is starting to remove damaged fender systems. >> the more serious damage caused by the 2007 collision and oil spill disaster is looking like a relative bargain. the cosco busson repairs took six weeks, three weeks ahead of schedule. caltrans estimates it could take up to 4.5 months to fix fend fenders damaged by the raymaar and potentially twice the cost. >> the cosco busson did tear off sections of the fender.$$f and there is damage still in place. it would be more -- more time consuming. >> the money for the latest fix will come from the bay area toll authority which is adm
there was a news conference with the police chief this morning. >> new this morning caltrans will begin making repairs today to the bay bridge offenders that were damaged when an oil tanker struck the bridge earlier this morning. to get your news faster return to crime follows a reporter jackie sissel adjoins is live from the embarcadero. >> it was 15 days ago that the 755 oversees a real are actually struck the fender of the east tower on the western span of the bay bridge. construction crews are out there and caltrans will get started repairing that fender today. this all started january 7th when the overseas real are struck the offender and they sampras's go bay. caltrans says the damage may be as much as two to $3 million and may take them up to four and a half months to actually fixed the offender. the san there did its job. that is the good news. it will have to be replaced with recycled plastic and steel. it will cost somewhere between two to $3 million. caltrans says they will foot the bill for now the plan is to be reimbursed by the shipping company. the owner of the shipping company
is working with caltrans to clean up this mess. >> fortunately this happened before 3:00 a.m. so there was not a lot of traffic on the roadway and he did only receive minor injuries and no other vehicles were hit as well. >> reporter: now the driver of the big-rig told cnbc shall -- now the driver of the big-rig was not under the influence. he did pass the sobriety test. it is waiting to be towed and caltrans workers are cleaning up and they are still waiting for them to bring out containers onto the freeway so this could take hours. again just two hours are open south of fair oaks on 101 and it is unclear when a third lane will open up. it's very clear, it could be daylight but we will keep you posted as the morning comes along. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> we are following developing news of a fire that has turned into a crime scene. this is near vienna drive where tara moriarty just arrived on the scene, tara? >> reporter: yes, we just pulled up a couple of minutes ago and we went through a mobile home park in order to get here and it's sort of near highw
in the lighting system. >> caltrans responded to the accident and said there was no damage to the bay bridge. the tanker hit a fender that was like a bumper and took the brunt. caltrans will replace 40 feet of it. the pilot will be interviewed in a few hours. the "mercury news" identified him as [ indiscernible ] of san francisco. according to the "mercury news," in 2009 he ran aground 550-foot cargo ship of in sacramento. he also was in a tugboat when it ran aground in the inner richmond harbor. we haven't gotten results of drug tests but he tested negative for alcohol. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> a man suspected of setting his girlfriend on fire in san francisco now under arrest this morning. we are told 22-year-old dexter oliver will be charged with attempted murder and arson. the 25-year-old victim is still in the hospital with life- threatening burns. >>> mountain view police say modern dna technology has led to an arrest in a 1985 murder case. it was 28 years ago this month the body of 21 zabba engineer may was found in a dumpster behind a safeway gr
of roadwork though as we jump to our maps right now. caltrans in effect at least until 5:00 this morning along the eastshore freeway. both directions between powell street and the maze various lanes blocked through the area and 380 connector to 101. you might see some construction there, as well. that should be wrapped up by 5:30. we'll have a look at the golden gate bridge in just a few minutes. frank. >> thank you. >>> bay area headlines now on this thursday, east palo alto is scrambling to shore up its aging levee along the san francisquito creek after severe flooding last month. workers are placing thousands of sandbags to raise the levee wall as a short-term solution. a project to i had we end the creekbed is set -- to widen the creekbed is set to begin this summer. >>> san francisco police believe this man may have killed a woman seen walking with him in this surveillance video. that's 46-year-old elia cruz. this is the last time cruz was seen alive. she was found dead in her tenderloin apartment a short time later. investigators have been se
with fog. no signs of a spill, everybody was safe. caltrans engineers responded but found no significant damage to the bay bridge. >> this is just a scrape to the bridge. >> reporter: the fender acted like a bumper and caltrans says they will replace 40 feet of it but the question is, how did this happen in the first place? coast guard will be meeting with the pilot in a few hours. the "san jose mercury news" identifies him as guy kleess of san francisco. according to the merc, state reports show in 2009 kleess ran aground a 550-foot cargo ship in sacramento. that same year he crashed a 600- foot cargo ship into a catwalk in stockton. and in 2010, he was at fault when a tugboat ran aground in the richmond inner harbor. that pilot tested negative for alcohol. the coast guard says preliminary findings at this point show that the cause was probably human error. the investigation is expected to go on over the next few days so it could be a while before we know what happened. reporting live in treasure island, cate caugiran, cbs 5 >>> a man a
on with caltrans revenue. your specific question, caltrans did a poll of sales tax in that area and so now they are rethinking what they are going to be doing. they did do a poll of possible sales tax . >> that is where it comes state and federal funding. so they are looking for some kind of local thing and that would be very difficult in the three counties, because the three counties look at it very differently. thanks. anybody else? anything? thank you very much. >> mr. chairman, no members indicated that they are interested in addressing you on this matter. so it's before you for agency. >> each we have a motion on this to support? >> so moved. >> second. >> any discussion? all those in favor, say aye? >> aye. >> item 14 authorizing the director to enact a small business enterprise bonding and financial assistance program on federally-assisted contracts including establishing a surety bond reserve fund and obtaining a letter of credit or alternate collateral for small business enterprises on the federally-assisted contract grams i'm virginia harmon and i manage the small busi
the caltrans on ramp. and all of a sudden we've got people showing up writing checks, digging weeds, breaking rocks. so, i got a real -- we got a real experience of what it means to be in a neighborhood because we took this -- we turned into a neighborhood. that's the power of that project. so, i never anticipated it would do that. (applause) >> thank you very much. >> i just wanted to make sure everyone understood where it's located. it's located in dogpatch, small neighborhood on the bay in san francisco. (applause) >> part of district 10, supervisor cohen's district. (applause) ♪ >> certainly i'm weeding in front of my house, wait for people to show up with check. [laughter] >> get ready for that, deposit with my phone there. next is an award that i think, you know, ironically it's become one of those buzz awards for nen awards. i'll be walking down the street and have someone come up and get in my face, we're going to come back neighborhood of the year, you watch. come back neighbor of the year, it's that bcs of the nen awards. and it's my honor to introduce someone who to drone deuce t
. it seems like traffic could begin running through the 4200 foot tunnels any time now. caltrans said not quite yet. >> i sometimes compare it to when you are build ago car. the car is finished. but right now, we are hooking up the lights. we are hooking up the radio and the gps and the air bag. >> well, caltrans has estimated the tunnel will hope last month, they are now saying earlier this year. stay with us, back in a moment. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. chief science correspondent, robert bazell. >> we have more ahead on nbc bay area, a new screening test that will detect one of the hardest to detect cancers in women. >> and at 6:00, a man in prison for more than a decade after stealing $100,000 worth of merchandise from a store, he is now free and how he is making the most of his second chance. >> remember to layer. see you at 6:00. >> it will be cold. >>> on our broadcast tonight, in the fight. one americ
. kron 4's charles clifford. has more on what cal-trans found when assessing the damage. >> just minutes after the bay bridge was a stroke they dispatched the maintenance team to look for damage. this is from abc's seven high-definition video. the working crews investigators and checking out the tower and the fender. >> the first thing we check is that the structure of the bridge is safe. we wanted to make sure that the fender is still active in the way that it was supposed to, which was to protect the bridge. there's no damage to the bridge with the exception of the fendering system. >> reporter: caltran will also check with traffic. >> there are other items to make sure that there are no other notification devices were compromised or damaged. we are also a investigating that. >> reporter: charles clifford, kron 4. a >> pam: our team coverage continues with kron 4's reggie kumar. he's live on treasure island with more on the bar pilot's past history. reggie? >> reporter: there were diapers' in the water looking for damage to their work--first divers.... in the water andpam. this bar pil
-terrorist safety feature will cost $31 million. and the budget is only $8 million. caltran that it believes that this is a critical component for its safety and it is important. here is a breakdown of the $31 million. $15.7 million, $3.2 million for the telecommunications system. the chair of the toll of 40 committee and his team want to meet with the golden gate district to try to figure out why the new bay bridge is so much higher. he believes that the c h p should a absorb some of this. because of this requested amount is so much more than the budgeted amount we feel that it is appropriate to investigate further tortola payers' money is well spent. that is coming from the rehabilitation bay fund with money from our toll. after the investigation this oversight could have a decision by next meeting which is later this month. the chair says that if they are not ready to approve the budget there will take the time, necessary. in oakland, alecia reed, kron 4. >> new information tonight about damage to the bay bridge after that tanker hit it monday. this is aerial video from sky 7-h-d. and new
the boecrew and also conducting drug testing. which is standard procedure. >> pam: charles - cal-trans tonight saying the bridge is safe? >> reporter: well, first caltrans is saying that the bay bridge is safe. this allusion, as it's called occurred at 11:20 this morning and caltrans had a structures maintenance team on scene by 11:40 to look for problems. this is video from sky 7 hd from abc 7 news showing tower six of the bay bridge according to caltrans, the only thing damaged monday morning was the protective fender that wraps around the tower at the water line. you can see a long scrape mark here. the fenders, which are made of wood and plastic, are designed to protect the bridge from just collisions. >> the very first thing our inspectors look for when they get out there is to make sure the bridge is safe. the initial investigation should that the fender took the brunt of the allusion and preformed as it was designed. about 30 feet of the fender has been damaged and will need to be replaced. it was damaged in a way that it was supposed to be. there's no structural damage to the bay bridg
there was a pilot that guides the vessel out to sea we had a chance to talk to caltran. they investigated the whole thing to make sure that the superstructure was fine. here's what they had to say about the damage to the bay bridge. the very first thing our inspectors look for is to make sure that the superstructure of the bay bridge is a. the initial investigation showed that the offenders who performed as it was designed. about 30-40 ft. of the system has been damaged and will need to replace. it was damaged in the way it was supposed to it protected the bridge. there is no structural damage to the bay bridge. will not have to do it were on the bridge itself other than to repair the collision with the vendor system. >> obviously those repairs will not impact traffic. we do not know how long it will take to replace the offender. it did what it was supposed to do. the vessel was going a little faster than we thought. 13 mi. per hour top speed at 16. it was done exactly going slow. it is a damaged on this side above sea level. what will happen moving toward. they did toxicology test on the crew and
. the sfpd not currently using tasers. >>> caltran's crews are working to repair sections of the bay bridge damaged when an ail tanker hit a tower this month. our chop you are flew overhead as the work began this morning. the agency is sending as much $3 million in taxpayer money. officials say the actual pier is not damagede ed officials say the actual pier is not damagede e officials say the actual pier is not damagede ed officials say the actual pier is not damagede damaged. the work is expected to last four and a half months. caltran may be able to recoup some of the money pending the investigations. >>> next, this couch now simply just a piece of charred rubble after a fire sated at a furniture outlet in fremont. firefighters say a working sprinkler system was able to keep the flames from spreading further. >>> the goal of making east bay residents feel safe for another public meeting to explain the impact of closing several fire stations. officials will meet with walnut creek residents tonight. they're expected to discuss the closure of fire station 4 and how services will be impacted
. >> we're aloe indicated up to i believe $3 million. >> caltrans tells us the toll will pay for those repairs. it remains unclear whether caltrans and toll authority will try to get owners today pay for repairs. >> al-nippon airlines is canceling all flights. the faa stepping up the investigation of the boeing 787 dream liner by joining japanese authorities today. the outcome could determine whether planes costing $200 million can return to the sky or must undergo resign. >> governor brown shot down a request from california state university trusties to increase funding by one quarter of a billion dollars. the current budget boosts csu budget by $125 million. the governor warned trustees it's going to be hard to get lawmakers to agree to any additional increases. >> the university was looking for three times more money. and so we're going to have to do very creative thoughtful caring adjustments. >> the governor agreed to pump extra money into csu under the condition tuition would not be raised. 23% of the students come from families which live below the poverty line. >> today's 40th
is expected to last about four months at a cost of $3 million. caltrans says the cost is high because the work is risky. >> it's difficult work. you're standing here on a barge, and sometimes you can get the wakes of larger ships. that can make it a little bit tricky to do work. any time you are working on water, you have your work cut out for you. >> caltrans is seeking reimbursement for the work from the ship's owner. a state investigation is under way into the barge pilot who was navigating the ship at the time. >>> oh, check that out. high riding daredevils taking over coliseum. loads of dirt were brought in to transform the home of the a's and the raiders for a track suitable for those riders. competition kicks off at 7:00 tomorrow night and tickets start at $10. do not try to do that in your own backyard. >> good to sigh that. >>> the weekend is here, hopefully won't be a washout. >> no, it won't be a complete washout. we're going to see a chance of showers dropping in right now in the north bay. hour by hour to give you an idea what your what to wear forecast will be tomorrow, brie
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 294 (some duplicates have been removed)